Why buying 3 BHK apartments in Rajendra Nagar is a valuable deal for you?

Well! Your idea of buying 3 BHK apartments in Rajendra Nagar or near PVNR Expressway is highly appreciated. Investing in property to live or rent is never been a bad deal, especially if you have a plan to invest in a 3 BHK apartment. 

  • What are 3 BHK apartments?

3 BHK apartments are designed with 3 bedrooms, a hall and a kitchen. These are well sufficient and recommended to live even with a joint family (including grandparents). The fact, 3 BHK apartments are preferable by the tenants as even a single person earning 6 digit salary prefer to live in at least a 3 BHK apartment. This if will be worthy if you invest on 3 BHK Apartments near PVNR Expressway or Rajendra Nagar. 

However, some factors you need to consider before finalizing your deal of 3 BHK apartments:

  • 3 BHK apartments should at least have a size ranging from 1047 sqft to 1346 sqft.
  • You must find prominent educational institutions, medical facilities, health care centres, department stores or shopping centres and eminent cinema halls nearby. Besides, the airport facility should also be considered. 
  • Moreover, the property must be constructed to enhance your quality of life. It should be designed spaciously, thus every corner can be used. 

Thus, if you have selected 3 BHK apartments, you must go with Provident Space that is a new project by Provident Housing Ltd. in Hyderabad. This project will offer you aesthetically top-notch spaces along with above 20 fitness, sports, and lifestyle amenities. You will experience the connectivities like Nehru Zoological Park, Walmart best price store, Asian Cinemas, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and more.

Hence, plan thoroughly before buying any 3 BHK apartment and be sure to consider Provident Space to get the worth of your investment.

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